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DigiSoft is as real as it gets, and as legit as it gets! Real people are making real mon-ey!

We have one of the hardest working Admins in the industry! Ron Walsh helps to close our sales, all we have to do is copy - paste - post pre-written ads in our Member Center.

Everyone is looking to make some extra C-a-s-h for the Christmas Holidays! Ron Walsh just started our Annual Christmas Campaign with 2 Santa Splash Pages for us to promote.

Please login to your Member Center and check them out. Just look for Santa on the Status Page in your Member Center.

It only costs $22 to get started at Package #1, or you can go all in at both Package Levels for $57. AND don`t forget we pay instantly member to member so there is not waiting to get paid!

It`s time to get off the preverbal fence! I want to help you, and to prove it I will send you a list of my best advertising resources when you join my Team

Let`s do this together!


Rick Brier
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